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Can a pizza be delicious and healthy?! No Dough Pizza Co. is on a mission to do exactly that. With our innovative process we have cracked how to make a pizza base from over 70% cauliflower.


This means that every base is less calorific and has lower carbs compared to a traditional pizza base, so you can now enjoy your favourite pizza without fearing the calories. To add to that it’s gluten free, contains one of your five a day and is high in vitamin C. We also bring health to the toppings as well with low fat mozzarella and lean meat toppings. Who said that eating healthily has to be boring?


We are a small UK business, and we care passionately about making great, healthy food accessible for everyone to enjoy. Our kitchen facility is in Lincolnshire, where we make all our pizzas fresh to order on a daily basis and source our ingredients from local farms wherever we can.

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